• Patricia Mezu, LL.M., M.A

5 Tips for Starting a Nursery

Starting a nursery can be a daunting task.

As an educational consultant based in Dubai, I receive regular enquiries with respect to the process. Some of my clients start the process, and then find they require additional professional assistance. Others have no experience of the educational industry and require advice from the onset, until the nursery doors open. Another category will be a client who does have some experience in preschool education (for example a teacher or principal), but has not gone through the licensing process in the UAE, and therefore needs specific assistance regarding the procedure.

Wherever you are on the journey, here are five tips for anyone planning to open a nursery:

  1. Put something down in writing. Have a plan. For example, consider the budget; possible name(s) of the nursery; ideas for being distinctive; location; number of pupils; curriculum; vision for the nursery.

  2. Ask yourself a simple question - 'Why do I want to open a nursery?'. It seems to be a very obvious question. However, the motivation for starting a preschool will carry you through the somewhat tedious and timely process, when you start.

  3. Identify some allies. You will need friends along the way; even one person is enough. Positivity will be important. Having a critical friend is useful, someone to keep you on the straight and narrow and to remind you of your vision.

  4. Resilience. As with any new project on this scale, determination and rigour are essential. The definition below, says it aptly:

5. The fifth and final tip is: Aim to start successfully, even though a few mistakes may be made along the way.

For further enquiries with respect to nursery start up, please email me: INFO@PRMINDS.ORG Patricia Mezu is the founder and director of Professional Minds FZ LLC, a Dubai based educational consultancy.

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