• Patricia Mezu, LL.M., M.A

Fruit & Veg Anyone?

Believe me, I hear some parents and educators groaning! How (on earth) do we get children to eat healthy food and maintain healthy choices?

And yet... it is possible. I have met quite a few mum's who have been resolute on this topic. Their mantra has been 'my child shall love fruit and vegetables'; 'my child shall  love fruit and vegetables'; 'my child...' etc. But how does this translate into practical, well sustained reality? Here are a few pointers.

  • Start good eating habits from birth; create life long habits, by modelling them yourself.

  • Avoid salt and sugar in your child's diet for at least the first year. It is possible, I have done it for longer than a year. Even now that my children are older, I dont buy sugar and use a minimum amount of salt.

  • Introduce fruit and vegetables as soon as possible. Green is good. If they are familiar with this food from a young age, it will become the norm.

  • Buy fruit and vegetables; keep healthy choices in your fridge and cupboard. Say goodbye to daily doses of ice-cream.

  • Ignore phrases like - 'It's not yummy, mummy'!

Here are some other ideas linked to food and food safety, just click on the image below:

Here's to - Healthy Eating Habits!

Patricia Mezu is the Director of Professional Minds FZ LLC. A UAE based consultancy, specialising in early childhood education.


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