• Patricia Mezu, LL.M., M.A

Leadership | Inductions

Starting off the new academic year often poses a challenge, particularly when there are new members of staff joining the team. 

Integrating staff is similar to the image below; adding layers, hoping they will blend in and fit together with minimal upheaval.

"Induction -is a procedure or ceremony for introducing someone to a new job, organisation, or way of life​" .

Benefits of an Induction

  • Ensures that the preschool's standards are upheld

  • Potentially, reduces staff turnover (assuming that new staff settle in well and are happy to stay)

  • Improves motivation and performance

  • Allows new teachers to become effective team members at a faster rate

  • Provides an opportunity for  good quality care for children

  • Increases the  commitment from employees

  • Possibly, reduces the need for disciplinary issues (staff will be aware of the preschool's policies and procedures)

  • Supports staff professional development

Professional Minds will be conducting a number of Induction Training sessions in Dubai starting August 2017. Please contact us for favourably priced packages.

www.prminds.org    |    info@prminds.org

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