• Patricia Mezu, LL.M., M.A

5 Tips for helping children transition to school.

For most parents, getting a young one ready to start preschool or school, is plagued with uncertainty. 

When new children start for the first time, I receive a lot of questions, such as:

  • will my son/daughter be fed during the day?

  • will he/she be able to sleep?

  • what do I have to do to prepare my child?

Entering preschool is a big step for any child. Parents and teachers can help children adjust by anticipating their needs and preparing them for their new school environment. Ideally, transition efforts, such as visiting the preschool, should start several months prior to the child’s third birthday and/or the beginning of school.

The goal is to: 

  • Familiarise the child with the teacher, classroom, and school;

  • Provide the teacher with opportunities to “get to know” the child and plan more effectively before he/she becomes a member of the class; and

  • Provide parents with opportunities to become acquainted with the new teacher, class and school policies and procedures, and future classmates, and their parents.

Here are some handy tips:-

  1. Parents should share any concerns or special considerations regarding their child, such as certain fears, level of toilet training, food allergies, etc.  

  2. Use pictures and/or stories to familiarise the child with their new peers and teacher.

  3. If the child has been in a different program already, encourage communication between old and new teachers, particularly if the child has special needs or particular issues coping in the classroom.

  4. Stay calm if the first few days are a little rough! Young children in particular, may experience separation anxiety or shyness initially, but teachers usually have the experience to help them adjust.  

  5. Ideally, parents should plan to spend extra quiet, one-on-one, time with their child during the first few weeks. 

All the best and contact us if you require any more information.


“Adapted from Tips for Helping Children Transition Into Preschool” from the National Association of School Psychologists., 2006.”

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