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Busy hands, busy minds!

Hello Everyone!

I'm all about empowering parent educators. The early childhood years are precious and I am sure that you will agree that learning should be maximised during this time.

Here is a simple activity for your young ones. Make a note of the Learning objectives at the end. Summer is near and you will need to think out of the box, so contact us for prepared, child friendly activities for learning.


Sorting coloured pom poms

  1. For the pom poms, I have chosen to start with the primary colours - red, blue and yellow. Place all the pom poms in a small basket, that's easy for your child to carry. Sit next to your child at a table. I usually sit on the right hand side of my child.

  2. Introduce the activity briefly. Name the items - 'basket'; 'pom poms', name the colours of the pom poms.

  3. Place three small containers in front of the basket, with one - red, blue and yellow, pom pom in each container.

  4. Ask your son/daughter to start sorting, using his/her dominant hand (left or right handed) - red first:

5. Then blue:

6. Finally, yellow:

If your child is interested, he/she may repeat the activity, to master the colours and the concept of sorting and sequencing.

Learning Objectives

  • Carrying a basket independently

  • Learning the primary colours

  • Learning new vocabulary - 'pom poms'

  • Sorting colours

  • Developing hand/eye coordinaiton

  • Extended learning - exploring 'rough' (basket) and 'smooth' (basket, plastic containers)

Age of child: from 2.5 years

Time for activity: 10 minutes 

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