• Patricia Mezu, LL.M., M.A

Book Review | The Leopard's Drum

Children love an engaging tale!

This is a fascinating and short fable from Ghana, West Africa. The story is about the way in which a small tortoise outsmarts a number of large and supposedly, smarter and fiercer animals. 

It's an easy read with fun and colourful illustrations. It references animals that will be familiar to preschoolers, so that they can answer questions correctly.

For example:

  • What animal is this?

  • Where in the world would we find an elephant; a leopard etc..

  • Which continent is Ghana in?

There's a good twist towards the end of the story and it has a happy conclusion!

Something nice to read, adding to a child's cultural experience.

'The Leopard's Drum', by Jessica Souhami - click here for purchase details from Book Depository (free shipping to the UAE)

Patricia Mezu is the Director of Professional Minds FZ LLC - www.prminds.org 

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