• Patricia Mezu, LL.M., M.A

Special Education | Referrals

Parents have approached me recently, asking for advice about their preschoolers. Symptoms, as described by the parents, include delayed speech; cognitive delays; some form of attention deficit and hyperactivity. A mother also asked for assistance with finding a specialist to conduct a dyslexia assessment.

The concern and sometimes, distress, in the voices of parents got me thinking and while I gave preliminary advice over the telephone, I realised that what was required, was a good referral system to tried and tested specialists.

As a parent, it is daunting to confront the possibility that a child at preschool (or any other) age may have a learning difficulty. I have witnessed a number of families go through lengthy stages of denial, being unable to accept the fact that some form of intervention is required to assist their son/daughter.

However, intervention is key and the earlier the better. In the last ten years, I have worked alongside a number of parents and provided successful referrals. The result has been similar to a light being switched on in the dark. They are given tools to navigate and a clear direction is set in place. It makes a world of difference to the entire family.

If you, a family member,  friend, or colleague requires any further information on this, often sensitive, matter, please email me at: INFO@PRMINDS.ORG.

Alternatively, you may book an appointment (30 minutes). Please click here - 'Book Online'.

Patricia Mezu is the Director of Professional Minds FZ LLC, a UAE licensed consultancy, specialising in early childhood education.

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